Sod for Sale in North Carolina

Sod for Delivery in North Carolina
June 22, 2018
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October 3, 2018

Sod for Sale in North Carolina

Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? It doesn’t have to be. Southern Sod Grass provides sod for sale in North Carolina so that your lawn can be the envy of the neighborhood.

Imagine taking a picnic on the most luscious stretch of grass near your home. As you remove the contents of your picnic basket, you watch as your children play in the grassy field. You smile as you say to yourself, “there is no place like home”.

Experience the beauty and value of a lush green home with a professional sod installation. It increases the value of your property and gives you a beautiful lawn within a couple of weeks.

What is Sod

A sod is a grass that has already been planted. Also known as turf grass, it is sold in sections. These sections are made of soil and grass held together by soil and other materials. A sod is preferred by homeowners and landscapers because it grows healthier and more evenly.

What are the different types of sod for sale in North Carolina

There are different types of sod grass for sale in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and the Triad. These turf grasses are recommended because of their strong resistance to heat and drought:

  • Bermuda Sod – a turfgrass sod that has excellent heat, drought and salt tolerances. This is perfect for warm weather climates in Greensboro & Winston-Salem areas.
  • Zoysia Sod – a dense sod that makes it difficult for weeds to grow. Less weeding and almost no maintenance. This type of sod is also resistant to pet wastes. A great sod to use on heavy traffic areas.
  • Tall Fescue Sod – a drought-resistant sod grass that goes dormant in summer and winter. It also requires less mowing, watering, and fertilizer than some of the other types of turf grasses. This is one of the top choices when it comes to sod for sale in North Carolina.
  • St. Augustine Sod – a warm-season grass that thrives in high temperatures. Makes a great option for hot summers in the Triad. It features dark green blades that are perfect for lawns (but not on heavy traffic areas).
  • Centipede Sod – A warm-season turf grass with a light to medium shade of green. It tolerates shade but must get at least 4 hours of sunlight. This type of grass has a coarse texture and requires little fertilizer.
  • Wintergreen Painted Turfgrass Sod – Want a green lawn all year round? This type of turfgrass sod can be painted green during winter. During summer, the paint wears off to leave you with a new, healthy grass.

Where to buy sod grass in North Carolina

Southern Sod Grass provides different types of sod for homeowners, schools, and commercial businesses. We sell Bermuda sod, Zoysia sod, Tall Fescue sod, St. Augustine sod, Centipede sod, and Wintergreen Painted sod.

Instantly transform your lawn from bare to green with Southern Sod Grass. We provide sod for sale and delivery in North Carolina and surrounding areas. Call us at (336) 996 – 4763 for a quick estimate!

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