We Can Deliver Your Sod and Landscaping Supplies To Your Home Or Business

Southern Sod Grass Delivers To Greensboro, Winston-Salem & Surrounding Cities

Southern Sod Grass is an industry leader in quality turfgrass sod in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC. Utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and techniques, we deliver our turfgrass to your home or commercial business. All of our turfgrass is grown in-house, so you know you are getting the freshest cut sod available in North Carolina. We have the professional staff and quality equipment to take on any size installation project - from your home lawn to the biggest stadium or golf course.

Sod Delivery Process To Local NC Residents

We deliver turfgrass sod to Greensboro, Winston-Salem and all over the state of North Carolina. The delivery process begins by harvesting our fresh sod using state-of-the art techniques and equipment. Once the turfgrass sod is harvested, we load the sod onto pallets and it is loaded onto trucks. Our trucks will deliver the freshly cut turfgrass directly to your home or commercial business.

By having your sod delivered directly to your home or business, you can ensure you are getting the freshest, greenest and healthiest sod available in North Carolina. We will lay pallets of turfgrass around your site to ensure you are able to install it easily. One of the best things about having sod delivered directly to you is that it can be delivered on time and all at once. By having us deliver your sod, it can be delivered at one time, saving you from having to make multiple trips.

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