Sod for Delivery in North Carolina

How to Choose the Right Gardening Tools
March 30, 2018
Sod for Sale in North Carolina
June 22, 2018
How to Choose the Right Gardening Tools
March 30, 2018
Sod for Sale in North Carolina
June 22, 2018

Want to have a healthy lawn all-year round? Southern Sod Grass provides sod for delivery in North Carolina. Now you can enjoy a lush green lawn any time of the year.

Types of sod for delivery

Southern Sod Grass provides individual sod rolls or full sod pallets delivered directly from our nursery. Our sod prices vary on the type of sod you want to have and the size of your area.

Read our short guide for information on how much sod is needed for your yard. You can also use the sod calculator found under the Products menu on our website to calculate the amount of sod you need.

To use, simply fill in the fields with your measurements and the tool will automatically calculate the results for you. Bonus tip: Add an additional 10% to the estimated result.

To learn more about our prices, click on the contact form at the side to get in touch with one of our friendly representatives.

The types of turf grass we carry include:

  • Bermuda Sod
  • Zoysia Sod
  • Tall Fescue Sod
  • St. Augustine Sod
  • Centipede Sod
  • Wintergreen Sod

These types of sod grass are perfect because they can withstand the extreme heat and drought that are common in North Carolina. For more information on the different sod types, please click this page.

How to choose the right sod for delivery

The right type of sod depends on different factors. These include the type of use, shade, water, salt, and level of maintenance.

For example, Zoysia sod requires less maintenance and weeding than other sod types, whereas Bermuda sod is known for its impressive heat, drought and salt tolerances. St. Augustine sod makes a great lawn grass because of its rich green color, but it’s not ideal for high traffic areas. And for homeowners who want a green lawn even on winter, the Wintergreen Painted sod is worth checking out.

Consider the following when choosing the type of sod:

  • Use – Is the sod for your lawn, golf or sports application, or business area?
  • Shade Tolerance – How much light is blocked and what is the length of the shaded time?
  • Water Requirement – Do you water your lawn?
  • Maintenance – How often do you mow, fertilise, weed, or care for your lawn?

Reach out to us at (336) 996-4763 for a consultation on which type of sod is perfect for your home or commercial business. Or, feel free to contact us using the contact form found in our website.

Sod delivery services in North Carolina

Southern Sodgrass and Landscape Services can help you get the “greenest” lawn in the neighborhood. We provide sod for delivery in North Carolina. Contact us at (336) 996-4763 for more information on our sod products and to schedule a delivery day and time.

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