Sod Delivery Greensboro, NC

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September 1, 2020
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Sod Delivery Greensboro, NC

Are you wanting your yard to look lush and green but can’t figure out how to get it there? Sod is a great option for creating a green, healthy yard with not quite as much work. Southern Sodgrass offers different variety of Sod to meet your different needs.


Is sod a good option for me?

Planting traditional grass seed means waiting for your grass to grow and even then it might not grow if you don’t do plant it properly. With sod from Southern Sodgrass you can enjoy a lush green lawn in just a few days. The process is simple! All you do is buy full sod pallets or individual sod rolls, install them and get a healthy looking yard in no time. Another perk is that caring for sod can take a fraction of the time because you don’t have to worry about planting grass seed and maintaining it to make sure it grows.

By laying sod at home, you can cut your work time in half (versus planting grass seed). After you’ve installed it, all you need to do is water it. We have already prepared and grew a fully matured layer of sod that’s ready to be installed. Moreover, you can lay sod anytime of the year! This is more convenient than lawn seeding which requires you to wait until the planting season (usually April).


Benefits of sod

Aside from saving time and stress, sod makes a thicker layer of grass. This means you lawn will look more lush and green. In addition, it delivers a clean and aesthetic look that increases the beauty and value of your home. (Fun Fact: A lush front lawn increases the value of a home by as much as 5 to 10%)

More than beauty, sod is also good for the environment and the health of your family. It absorbs carbon dioxide and helps reduce greenhouse gasses.


What are my options for sod delivery in Greensboro?

We offer several different sod options to meet your needs. The type of sod you want is going to depend on the amount of traffic your lawn gets, the amount of maintenance you want and several other factors.

We sell: Zoysia Sod, Bermuda Sod, Tall Fescue Sod, St. Augustine Sod, Centipede Sod, and Wintergreen Painted Green Turfgrass Sod.


Sod Delivery Greensboro, NC

Southern Sodgrass and Landscape Supply, LCC delivers freshly harvested turgrass sod in Greensboro, Winston Salem and all over the state of North Carolina. Our sod is grown in our own nursery – giving you the assurance of the freshest sod available!

First, we harvest the sod using modern equipment and techniques. Once harvested, we load it in our truck. Then we deliver the sod and lay it in your yard, ready to be installed.


We provide sod delivery Sod Delivery Danville, VA, Pilot Mountain NC, Burlington NC, Asheboro NC, Kernersville NC, Lexington NC, High Point NC, Lewisville NC, Durham NC, Chapel Hill NC,, Archdale NC, Winston-Salem NC, Eden NC, Reidsville NC, Graham NC, Clemmons NC, Greensboro NC, Mebane NC, Raleigh NC, Cary NC, Hillsborough NC and surrounding areas. Call us at (336) 996-4763 to learn more about our NC sod delivery services.


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