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Stone & Paver Delivery North Carolina
November 1, 2020

What is Pine Straw good for?

Pine straw helps keep your lawn properly hydrated, reduce weed growth and prevent soil erosion. Pine straw keeps water from evaporating out of the soil which in turn keeps the soil properly hydrated during hot weather. It also acts as a barrier to prevent weeds from growing. It helps prevent those weeds from getting the sunlight that they need to grow, thus stopping them in their tracks. It also helps prevent soil runoff by protecting the soil during rain. Pine straw isn’t only good for helping your garden in these ways, it’s also great for curb appeal. Pine straw can make your garden area or flower bed look more put together and can really uplevel the appearance of your outdoor space.


How to I use Pine Straw?

Pine straw can be used similarly to mulch. All you need to do is spread the pine straw over your garden area and around your plants. Make sure that you are not covering your plants because you want them to get proper sunlight and air. You only want to cover the areas around your plants and shrubs. When applying pine straw it’s best to wear gloves as the needles can be prickly. All you need to do is spread out the pine straw and rake it out into the areas you want it.


Why should I choose Pine Straw over another mulching option?

Pine straw is easily transported and applied, making it a great mulching option. It’s also great for areas like North Carolina where Pine trees are everywhere. The needles that fall from the trees will blend in better with the pine straw on your garden than they would with traditional mulch. Pine straw is also easier on the environment since it doesn’t require any machinery to make it like traditional mulch.


How do I schedule a pine straw delivery?

Pine Straw is a great way to spruce up your outdoor space and make it easier to manage and care for. Give us a call today to discuss what stones or pavers would work best for your outdoor space and we can schedule a delivery time!



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